Vickie offered me a beer.

I'd defeated the four sub-bosses and got through the damn long underground labyrinth.

"Oh, I see you don't know what Poop is!" "Hmm... Poop is jokes about 'you sat on the stump and owed me a grand', right?"

Maybe I should have left more space on the left, where the model is looking.

He fixed his eyes on the ceiling.

Old books are for writers, new ones for readers.


They burned the paper.

After asking for my key at the front desk, I took the elevator to my floor.

Nothing was to be seen but the blue sky.

This is a good place to build a sand castle.

She hates Halloween.

Maria took the eggs one after the other from the egg carton.

I'd really like to go to Boston with you.

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I need to check on Shadow.

I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to Ritalynne.

I'm a bit of an open book.

He's staring at her really hard.

In no country other than England, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day.

Miriam wanted to marry Thomas.

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I don't want her to hate me.

He was covered all over with white paint.

Florian unfolded his napkin.

Ric blew his top when he heard that Don had gone out with John.

We shouldn't be discussing this now.

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That girl just drives me wild.

Pim glanced away from her.

I just want to come home.

You will be treated kindly.

The teacher is with the school principal.

We should have been more careful.

I have brought you what you asked for.

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I'm ready to order.

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I went to bed a little later than usual.


I have not seen you for a long time.

I don't think he's a lawyer.

What exactly did you see?

I'm not saying anybody's lying.

Sitting on the rock, she sang a sweet song as she combed her hair.

I didn't mean Val.

Merat, could you keep an eye on the kids?

Who were they looking for?

What do you think I told them?


Jesus opened the envelope, pulled out the letter and unfolded it.

It is true that he is ill.

I know how overwhelming it can be.


Valerie likes eating raw oysters.


She related the result to her carelessness.

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I bet he doesn't make it.


When you come next time, bring your brother.

Did Rajarshi ever answer you?

There are a lot of stories flying around about why Frederick left her husband.

Learning collocations is one step towards sounding like a native speaker.

The situation seems hopeless.

I want you to remember this moment.

They suffer from muscle pains.

I'm afraid I have addressed the parcel wrongly.

I knew we had to do this.


You should show yourself to the doctor.

How did you come to hear of it?

You didn't have to get off so early.

Stephan doesn't like to exercise.

The goat ate the food from my hand.


He who remains silent is understood to consent.


You'll see the children selling Arabian jasmines on the streets.

Donal said he didn't think Murthy had a driver's license.

They fell asleep in each other's arms.

How old is this?

Lucifer is not my cousin.

To tell the truth, things at home haven't been going too well...we're thinking of getting a divorce.

You're rude.


Traveling by boat is a lot of fun.

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Her face suddenly turned red.


Have you spoken Turkish?

Del, tell me your email.

You were with me on that night.

I told you you had to pay attention to your legs and feet.

My brother is now in Australia.

We've made a final decision.

That street was very noisy.


Are you going to give me a glib answer, or are you going to think before you reply?

Frost touched the flowers.

I didn't get home until 2:30.


How do you know Paula?

Johnathan closed the gate.

Mah didn't need to get here so early.

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Rupert cheated on Naomi and then he cheated on her.

The screen is giving off green light.

I want to sing a song.

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It's a waste of time to wait any longer.

He spent three years in jail for his crime.

Why are you feigning innocence!

Did you get the eggs?

No doubt about it, I heard it with my own ears.

Keep this money for me.

I wish I had taken better care of myself.

You can't fight City Hall.

Please tell us when it's time to go.

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Don't change a thing.


I just want to cry.

Finding Francis isn't going to be easy.

Don't trust him.

Love me tomorrow!

Whether she agrees or not is the question.

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She's an angel.

That chicken hasn't laid any eggs lately.

The vocabulary of young people is not so great.

You must act according to your principles.

I spent a week in the hospital.

You should get to know her.

Gideon is ready to leave.


She saw a very tall man yesterday.

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Take a bus.

I will get the work done in a week.

She embroidered her initials on a white handkerchief.

The position of women, over the years, has definitely changed for the better.

Mayuko wasn't able to meet Meg.

40 dollars for seven days.

He's full of big ideas.


Let it be otherwise.

The detective questioned literally thousands of people about the incident.

I'd be very grateful if you could help me.

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Talk to them.

If there's anything at all I can do for you, just let me know.

This book is written in easy French.


He's not a fool, you know!

Do you want to come over and play?

Raghu says he never lies to Jacques, but he often does.


We just want you back.


Francisco gave Vicky John's message.

Edmond stayed at one of the hotels on Park Street.

The engine is making a funny noise.


It took me a while to find her.

What do you think I told her?

Write down your name here.

I am really disappointed.

It's too unstable.

I had a problem with my car on the way to work.

I have my career to think of.


Over 16,500 different technical and scientific experiments were carried out aboard Mir.

Shahid said he felt a bit nervous.

Did Chet really kill himself?

Anger showed on his face.

Starbuck doesn't think he's ever met Dave.

Let's not play.

I didn't take those pills you gave me.

What time will you have breakfast?

Water is a transparent liquid.

He made every effort to get out of that habit.

His poems are difficult to understand.

I saw at a glance that there was something the matter with my father.

Jakob is lucky to still be alive.

She is reputable, rational and above all pretty.

This program is broadcast biweekly.

Could I get your autograph?

He showed me how to make a cake.

She has got a lot of weak points.

When did he leave for Mongolia?

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Can't we go with them?

It's a sign.

Gypsy didn't feel like sitting for two hours in a movie theater.

I'd appreciate it if you'd help me.

I hardly think so.

She took off her coat.

He is beyond the chance of recovery.